05 March 2021
Recommended restaurants

Welcome to BB Hotel, on Fuggerstrasse in Berlin. We are a bed-and-breakfast hotel and concentrate on the best meal of the day - breakfast. The following pages contain restaurant recommendations.
Distance from hotel: 0.0 km
Enjoy Spanish cuisine and a good Spanish wine in a relaxed atmosphere with Mediterranean flair. » More

Distance from hotel: 0.1 km
Restaurant with German and regional cuisine, a stone's throw from BB Hotel. » More

Distance from hotel: 0.1 km
An Indian restaurant, only a few minutes from the hotel by foot. If you want your food spicy, be sure to tell them! » More

Distance from hotel: 0.1 km
Austrian cuisine with wiener schnitzel, goulash, kaiserschmarrn and much more.  » More

Distance from hotel: 0.3 km
Restaurant with Greek cuisine in all its variety and sophistication. » More

Distance from hotel: 0.4 km
Northern Italian cuisine on one of Schöneberg's nicest squares. » More

Distance from hotel: 3.2 km
Traditional brasserie with French dishes and wines. » More

Distance from hotel: 3.9 km
A huge selection of steaks and wines - with a fantastic location on the banks of the Spree. » More

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